Development of master plan projects

— selection of the district and construction sites;
— placement and connection of project objects on the new site;
— placement and linking of project objects in the conditions of active production;
— preparation of the territory;
— plans of land masses;
— relief organization;
— landscaping and landscaping;
— summary plan of engineering networks;
— town planning calculation;
— management of the general plan of the enterprise;
— author supervision of construction;
— 3D visualization;
— adaptation of foreign project documentation (engineering) to current UA standards;
— expert assessment of the quality of geodetic research for design and construction.


— development of master plans and transport logistics of industrial enterprises,
— warehouse logistics complexes, elevators, etc.;
— development of schemes for the planning organization of the land plot;
— development of right-of-way projects;
— intra-factory railway tracks and highways;
— access railway tracks and highways;
— industrial railway stations;
— railway crossings;
— parking lots;
— gas stations;
— wagon and car scales;
— checkpoints (checkpoints)
— fence of the territory of the enterprise;
— calculation and selection of the construction type of highways and railway tracks.

Transport logistics

The company performs calculations:

— volumes of transportation;
— fleet of locomotives and wagons;
— fleet of vehicles and special vehicles;
— fleet of rolling stock and mechanisms;
— states of workers;
— capacity of stations and races;
— the number of tracks at railway stations;
— choice of vehicle types.
— the company develops:

— logistics of movement of factory rolling stock and motor vehicles;
— schemes of industrial railway stations and nodes of various purposes;
— traffic patterns and pedestrian routes;
— traffic management plans.


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